To grasp the true dimension of the art phenomenon, as with every profound reality, one needs some basic attitudes: a humble open mindedness, the willingness to listen, which is not just to analyze, compare, critique

or flatter.  I am thinking particularly of listening as an ingredient of contemplation, the only way to communicate deeply between the sender and the receiver and vice versa.


The voice is embedded in a deeper human reality. It takes a life to discover, accept and fulfill this. What is that deeper human reality or challenge? : to become more human… in the dimension of Love. So, along with singing, other cords in every human being are struck. It is a slow, gradual, exciting and arduous process, with its lights and shadows, is a never ending job.


We all have gifts and talents; singing is one of them. It is a divine gift entrusted to us so that we may enter, with a very special tuning, into what is beautiful, good and transcendent.


Many people accompany and enrich us in this process. Without them joy wouldn’t be so full.

To be grateful is very important!!!

For this, I would like to thank, especially, my father, Jose Angel, example of work and my beloved mother Maria Ester, exquisite melody of the Creator, who brings life, wherever she goes.

A big “thank you” goes to all those who have welcome, with warmth, my singing. Thank you for the applauses, encouragement, good wishes and prayers.

Thanks also to those who will come.


If we, artists, let ourselves be penetrated-with humility- by Mystery, we may touch the soul of our listeners. This is our mission.

And grateful, I share this blessed gift of the singing.

Peace and Goodness to you, the reader